Construction Director appointed

Construction Director appointed

The newly appointed Construction Director, Andrew Stevenson, has had over 40 years experience working in construction, he has moved from the global infrastructure giant AECOM to head up the construction programme for Colin Town Centre.

Andrew told us about his new role on the Colin Town Centre Urban Village Project.

Why did you join the CTC team?

“I was looking for a new challenge! As well as being a construction professional I have also been involved in community regeneration projects and found it very worthwhile work. The proposals for Colin Town Centre (CTC) really appealed to me and I wanted to put my skills into making it happen.”

What’s your vision for Colin?

“The Urban Villages programme brings a new approach to regeneration that puts community consultation central to ensure that expectations are met. My aim is to deliver a new physical town centre that will bring with it better opportunities in a much improved quality of environment, and this should be shaped by the people of Colin.”

What will you be doing?

“My role is to oversee the delivery of the building programme from start to finish. I will coordinate the necessary approvals for funding, planning, getting building design underway, and ultimately contractors on site to build the new facilities. Working well together will be key to successful delivery.”

What are your early priorities?

“I will be spending time at the Colin Community Hub and around the site of the proposed new town centre, to get know the area better. I will be working with all the different people with an interest in the CTC project to get the work underway just as soon as possible.”

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  • The Colin Town Centre (CTC) project was announced as an Urban Village in March 2014.
  • CTC is one of five Urban Villages, four in Belfast and one in Derry.
  • The Urban Village initiative is part of the NI Executive’s Together: Building a United Community (T:BUC) strategy, and provides a new approach to supporting regeneration at a neighbourhood level.

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