The HUB is a friendly space where everyone is welcome to come in and find out about the Colin Town Centre development.

Who is the HUB for?

The Colin Community HUB is for the whole Colin community and for anyone else with an interest in the success of the Colin Town Centre (CTC) development. Also, it is a place to find out about Colin Neighbourhood Partnership (CNP) events, activities and programmes  to support all residents across the wider community.

What can you do at the HUB?

Find out the latest information about the Colin Town Centre development, see the outline plan, give us your opinions about it, what do YOU think Colin needs in a town centre? – record it on video… write on the ideas wall… send us a message or a tweet – the HUB will be a digital hotspot – come and engage in events and activities at the HUB!

The Early Parenting Programme Team

The Early Parenting Programme Team will be based in the HUB at the heart of the community, and the team are there to help you. So call in any time to find out more about the training and activities that are available to you or to find out what Early Parenting activities are happening please go to our Events page  – come and get involved.

Together we will build a place with heart and soul. A place we can all be proud of. A place we can call home.


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